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Experienced. Effective. Innovative.

I earned my law degree from Harvard Law School in 1994.  As a double Ivy League graduate, I attained my undergraduate degree magna cum laude (“with great honor”) from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991.

My clients have included CEOs, physicians, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and a retired NFL player. I have provided strategic consulting on a multi-billion dollar divorce and have successfully handled various international family law matters involving parties or assets in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Peru, and Scotland.

For my select group of clients, I strive to be the best Chicago divorce lawyer. My firm’s practice is exclusively focused on family law: divorce, including high net worth divorces, parental responsibilities, parenting time, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.  I represent both men and women, and, together with each client, we develop and execute a strong legal strategy tailored to each client’s goals and circumstances. I am a strong advocate in court for my clients.  For those seeking to resolve their matters outside of court, I offer mediation services and collaborative divorce.

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Marriage and Divorce in the Media

There is a show on television called “Married At First Sight” in which strangers are matched by relationship professionals. The show represents that the strangers do not meet or even know each other’s names until they marry. Then after a...Read More
April 28, 2020

New Statewide Financial Statement Coming in 2016

Whether you file for divorce in Cook County, Lake County, Kane County or another county in Illinois, one of the first steps after filing will be to complete a form in which you disclose your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities....Read More
December 1, 2015

Major Changes to Illinois Divorce and Custody Law in 2016

There are major changes to Illinois divorce and Illinois child custody laws that take effect on January 1, 2016. Starting on January 1, 2016 we will not even use the term “custody” any longer. What was referred to as “sole...Read More
December 1, 2015

Chicago Divorce – Step Three

In previous blog entries, we have briefly summarized Steps One and Two in the usual Chicago divorce process. At this point in the Chicago divorce process, the parties will exchange financial disclosure statements. To have the best Chicago divorce process...Read More
October 30, 2015

Chicago Divorce – Step Two

In a previous blog entry, we discussed Step One in the usual Chicago divorce process. Of course, some cases may require different steps but this blog provides a general overview of the Chicago Divorce process. At this point, one spouse’s...Read More
October 29, 2015

Depositions in Contested Chicago Divorce and Chicago Custody Cases

Discovery is the process by which parties inform themselves of important information and documents, such as the other party’s financial statements. Discovery is used used to obtain information which can help a parent make a decision on custody terms. One...Read More
October 25, 2015

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