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The Witt Law Firm, P.C. is a Chicago law office providing representation to both men and women in family law matters including dissolution of marriage ("divorce"), child custody disputes and related matters. The firm was founded by attorney Tanya Witt who earned her law degree from Harvard Law School in 1994.

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Discovery is the process by which parties obtain important information in order to inform themselves of the other party’s financial situation.  Discovery is used used to obtain information which can help a parent make a decision on custody terms.  One of the discovery tools available to parties in a Chicago-area contested divorce or custody case is a deposition.  At a deposition, a party’s attorney asks  (read more…)

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Tanya and Sara are definitely the best at what they do. Their expertise on family law is impeccable I would not think twice about having her firm on my side in any battle. She is a fierce litigator with a calming influence. But trust me, she will battle for you if she has to .. I don’t believe there is a better firm in Chicago to represent you.. Thanks again Tanya.

I really appreciate all your help. …… Thanks again, you brought a certain confidence to my side I don’t believe I would have had.

Strong Client Advocate and Translator of Legalese. Tanya helps her clients break through the clutter of legal jargon and contingencies by explaining what is happening in logical, plain wording. I could tell throughout my experience working with her that she was passionate about protecting my interests and was always ready to inform me of the risks of any decisions I was making. She was greatly helpful in ironing out an agreement that met everyone’s needs – which is what we all hope for with challenging legal situations.

Smart and detail oriented. She will put in the time required to get the best possible outcome. Tanya was always available to answer questions and kept me informed every step of the way. She gave excellent advice and was able to deliver satisfactory results. She is very thorough and detail oriented.

Finding legal services is challenging for first timers without connections, but Tanya made it easy. She brings a people-focused approach to an industry that sorely needs it.

When I called other lawyers before Tanya, I felt nervous that they were focused on the money. But Tanya was 1) slightly less expensive than the others and 2) more upfront about her charges. She even noted that if she spent a little more time than initially discussed, she wouldn’t nickel and dime me on paying for small amounts of extra time. That was quite refreshing and the first time I’d heard it from an attorney!

Professionally, she was friendly, easy to reach, and happy to talk me through things every step of the way. It was fantastic to find someone who was trustworthy and kind (not the first adjectives that roll off the tongue when talking about lawyers).

Net – A+ experience and strongly recommend for people who have limited experience with the law/lawyers (or anyone else for that matter).

Tanya is very detail oriented and puts a tremendous amount of effort in her work. She was always available to answer questions and was willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. I would recommend Tanya for anyone in need of a good attorney.

As Tanya’s opposing counsel, she was thorough and diligent in representing her client’s interests.

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